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Fox News using Blockchain to Combat Fake News

Fox News using Blockchain to Combat Fake News

A partnership has been established between Fox Corporation and the worldwide media brand Time to utilize Fox's Verify protocol for ensuring the immutability of content licensing and verification. This joint initiative is focused on safeguarding the authenticity of journalism and addressing misinformation in the media.

Mark Howard, Time’s chief operating officer, emphasized this goal, stating:

“Time is proud to join Fox’s Verify as an authenticated source of fact-based journalism at a time when access to trusted information is more important than ever.”

Fox announced that Time will be the initial external publishing collaborator for the Verify protocol, aiming to incorporate blockchain verification into journalism. Verify was introduced on Polygon's proof-of-stake (PoS) network in January, utilizing cryptography to sign and validate the history and source of digital content.

Fox announced that, due to the positive feedback, Verify would be moved from the Polygon PoS network to a standalone zero-knowledge (ZK) blockchain with the help of Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK).

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