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US Navy Introduces ‘PARANOID’ Blockchain Security Tech to Private Sector

US Navy Introduces ‘PARANOID’ Blockchain Security Tech to Private Sector

The United States Navy is looking for private sector partners to collaborate on a research and development agreement (CRADA) aimed at advancing its exclusive "PARANOID" blockchain technology.

PARANOID (Powerful Authentication Regime Applicable to Naval Operational Flight Program Integrated Development) is a blockchain-powered system designed to enhance the security of software during its development and deployment, safeguarding against cyberattacks. Originally created by the Naval Air Warfare Center’s Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) in Lakehurst, New Jersey, for securing avionics software in the U.S. Navy, PARANOID was later recognized for its potential to enhance security in any software development project where security is a critical concern.

PARANOID safeguards software during its development stages by validating files across nodes at each phase using blockchain technology. Each move made by a developer is recorded as a transaction on the PARANOID blockchain, creating a transparent log of activities. In the event that malicious individuals attempt to tamper with software by altering, substituting, or erasing code or files, these modifications would be unable to pass the verification process against the unchangeable database on the PARANOID blockchain.

According to Nida Shaikh, a Senior Technology Manager at TechLink:

"An ideal CRADA partner would be a company interested in developing a solution for securing software supply chain. This would include companies in the realm of software development who would be willing to install and test PARANOID for feedback and scalability."

While this may seem like the initial proprietary blockchain innovation from the U.S. Navy to be put into commercial use, it is not the first time the U.S. military has explored this technology. Previously, both the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy have signed deals with SIMBA Chain, a data exchange startup originating from Notre Dame, which utilizes blockchain technology for securing supply chains.

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