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Telegram Game Notcoin Launches Accelerator Supporting TON Apps

Telegram Game Notcoin Launches Accelerator Supporting TON Apps

Triangle, a new accelerator program, was launched on Wednesday by the Viral Telegram game Notcoin in collaboration with DeFi platform 1inch and on-chain attestation protocol Sign. The program is designed to provide support to developers working on the Telegram messaging platform and The Open Network (TON).

Triangle seeks to bridge crypto and traditional technology, leveraging Telegram's 900 million active users to drive mass adoption of crypto applications. It will offer “essential resources, guidance, and a community of experienced builders” to participants, per a press release. It will focus on areas including TON infrastructure, decentralized finance, and consumer applications bridging “Web2” and Web3. Mentors include executives from Sign, 1inch, and the TON Foundation.

"Triangle naturally emerges and evolves from Notcoin's success, adding deeper value and engagement for its user base," said Kirill Malev, junior partner at The Open Platform (TOP), a firm focused on TON development. "With Telegram's extensive user base and seamless integration of crypto functionalities, we are uniquely positioned to onboard millions to Web3."

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